Man without God is ...

- When *GOD* wanted to create *fish*, he spoke to the *sea*.
- When *GOD* wanted to create *trees*, he spoke to *earth*
- But when *GOD* wanted to create *man*, he turned to *HIMSELF*.
- So *GOD* said: *"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. "* *Note.
- If you take a *fish out of the water, it will die*; and when you *remove a tree from the ground, it also dies*.
- Likewise, when *man* disconnects himself from *GOD, he dies*.
- GOD* is our *natural environment*. We were created to *live in HIS presence*.
- We must be connected to *HIM* because only with *HIM* does life exist.
- Let us remain *connected with GOD*.
- Let us remember that *water without fish is still water*, but *fish without water is nothing*.
- The *soil without the tree is still soil*, but the *tree without the soil is nothing*....

- *God* without *man is still God*, but *man without GOD is nothing*. 

-From FB post of Fr Abiyot Desaleng